Cornerstone Church of Eastport, Maine has been around for over 200 years, preaching the gospel and serving the community with a heart to bring glory to God and people to Christ. Our focus is on Jesus Christ and His Word. Our motto is ‘To Know Christ and Make Him Known Through Worship, Love, and Service’. Our inward drive is to walk ever closer with the Lord, and our outward goal is to model Jesus in our community, making Him attractive to the lost and hurting.

Our approach to God’s Word is expository preaching. This simply means that whenever the Bible is taught or preached, we take the text at face value, drawing out the meaning of the passage as the Holy Spirit intended it to be understood by the people it was written to in that time. Then we discover how the Scripture text should be applied to our own lives, with very specific steps for each believer to grow in faith. Each message’s central idea is always on Jesus and includes how one might become a Christian.

We at Cornerstone take to heart Jesus’ command to love one another as He loved us, realizing that by that love others will know we are His. We express this love in many ways. For example, we have built a large sports complex open to the community. We also maintain a fund dedicated solely to helping others in need. We have fixed automobiles, purchased eyeglasses, and many other things for people in our ministry area. In fact, during the pandemic lockdowns we picked up and delivered groceries, prescriptions, and pet food for those who couldn’t leave their homes. The church’s reputation in the community is outstanding and has drawn many to come and hear the gospel.

We would love for you to visit and make us your church home!