Pastor Russ Fletcher

Pastor Russ Fletcher and his wife Karen have been full-time residents of Maine since January 2017, when he began at Cornerstone. They had attended Cornerstone for several summers when they had visited Maine in the past. Russ is from Atlanta, Georgia and Karen from Wallingford, Connecticut. They live in nearby Perry.

Pastor Russ has a Master of Divinity degree, with a concentration in Theological Studies, from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to that he had completed the Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies. Throughout his studies Russ especially enjoyed church history, taking every course offered at Liberty in that area. Prior to coming to Cornerstone, Russ was associate pastor at The Pointe Church in Canton, Georgia for several years.

Russ and Karen both are Air Force veterans, Russ for 16 years and Karen for 6. They met while stationed in Tampa, FL. While in the USAF, Russ completed a BS degree in Business Administration and two associates degrees in the areas of instruction and communications. He held different career positions while serving: intelligence intercept operator, combat arms training/marksmanship instructor, and as a staff member of the NCO Leadership School. After the Air Force, he worked in the family business for 16 years, managing a large automobile dealership. Russ retired in 2007 from the business world and soon after, in response to a clear call of God, entered seminary. Pastor Russ’ interests are reading, shooting, cooking, woodworking, fishing, and travel.

Russ and Karen have one child, a son, Taylor. Karen is a retired Registered Nurse and serves as Cornerstone’s Congregational Nurse. Taylor received his MA degree in Christian Education from Southern Seminary, Louisville, KY and is currently teaching at The Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY. They have two Malt-Tzu pups, Lil Bit and Sweet Pea, and a “real” dog – Shotzie, a German Shepherd.